I was first introduced to design by experimenting with animated gifs for signatures on forums. Since then i've learned a few things. This is just a quick shout out to everyone who i've learned a great deal from.

Thank you to the awesome Filament Group, who took me in as an intern and taught me a lot. Before Filament, I had little knowledge of web design / development and how all the pieces came together. I wasn't familiar with best practices, or web standards (and all the complexity behind them). I didn't know what version control was, how to maintain efficient workflows, or how to negotiate with clients.

You changed the way I look at and build websites / apps (while having a ton of fun). Thanks!

Thanks to Ethan Marcotte for directing me to Filament.

Follow Your Dreams

Thank you to Professor F for holding the bar high for design and for me personally as a designer and learner.

Thanks my professors: Professor R (for instilling a love for Typography), Professor C (for constant constructive feedback even when I thought I didn't need it), Professor M (for encouraging me to explore and express) and Professor B (for showing me that great design is just hard work).

To Professor O, who has been awesome on the Computer Science side of things.

To my design friend Alain who consistently churns out absolutely nasty typography, thanks for your extra design eye. Oh, and just rocking out.

To my design classmates for the encouragement and not getting too annoyed at my guts.