Just a note to self to do what's important.

I found Trent Walton's article on work and life really relatable (work + life isn't anything new). The very medium of the web and social media lets us craft "ideal" versions of ourselves for all to see. We get pretty darn good at it too. It's too easy to spit out the latest career jargon and trendy job requirements. Your skill level may allow you execute something, but a lot of the time it's passion that drives it. Below is my list of personal requirements to remember:

  • Do work you love (for whatever reason that may be).
  • Do great work but not at the expense of burning out.
  • Work for/with people who you're invested in and are invested in you.
  • Don't derrive 100% of your personal identity from work.
  • Don't work solely for recognition, status, or money.
  • Don't fall into stereotypes other people impose on you.

Will I get all of them? Probably not, putting this high expectation out there is actually pretty scary. Have to start somewhere though – at the very least it will serve as a reminder.

Thoughts? Let me know @Aetherpoint