Recording Video in Unity

Recording video in Unity to capture a specific scene or animation isn’t hard with the right plugin.

There are a number of available plugins on the asset store for doing this, but if you just need to record basic mp4’s the free Recorder package works great. On OSX:

1 – Go to the asset store and load Recorder into your scene. You can either allow your browser to open it in Unity or find it under the Asset Store tab in Unity.

2 – From the menu, select Tools > Recorder > Video

3 – That will open a recorder window where you’ll get a number of settings. Here you can set things like the resolution, file format, location and framerate:

It may be helpful to dock it to another one of the side panels so you can see your scene / game window.

4 – Pressing Start Recording causes the plugin to start capturing frames. Things can run slowly here depending on the complexity of your scene, but the tool will export a video file in the output path.

And that’s it! If you have any questions or comments let me know – follow me on Twitter at @Aetherpoint