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Human Input and AI

Musing on human intent, input and interaction design. 1 min

Responsive Design Ecosystems

Some notes on the expansion and contraction cycles of Responsive Design approaches. 2 min

In Defense of Form

How should we shift what we value in visual design when everything can be immediately reproduced? 8 min

Installing the USDZ Converter

Some gotchas for installing a tool for coverting 3D files to USDZ files. 1 min

Typographic Emotions

Visualizing the emotional effects of type and image 4 min

Approaching Spatially Adaptive Type

An overview of approaches for spatially adaptive fonts 8 min

Breaking Boxes – Typography and Augmented Reality

The medium of Mixed/Augmented Reality gives us a unique opportunity to reexamine typography’s relation to both us and our space. Historically, boxes and grids have dictated how we design type and employ typography, but how does this hold up when type has environmental awareness? 7 min

Unity Threshold Shader

I coded a tiny Shaderlab threshold shader for Unity. It just takes greyscale values from pixels and makes them black or white based on if they meet the threshold level. 1 min

Augmented Reality Design – Crossing the Screen Space Divide

Currently, we have plenty of great digital flat screen interfaces and fun Augmented Reality experiments, but there are few examples of user interfaces that traverse 2D and 3D spaces when efficient for a user. Typically, flat UI is constrained to flat planes and most AR objects float independently within a scene. Interfaces that can switch between 2D and 3D give us the opportunity to take advantage of both spaces. 9 min

No Notifications

Twitter notifications can be fun, distracting or addictive. I built a tiny Chrome extension that hides the Twitter notification badge using a few lines of CSS 1 min

Recording Video in Unity

Recording video in Unity to capture a specific scene or animation isn’t hard with the right plugin. 1 min

Is This Better?

Christopher Alexander’s forward for Patterns of Software written by Richard P. Gabriel in 1996 poses a question which is still just as relevant in design today. 1 min

Editing the Unity Tilemap Collider 2D Box

Unity 2017.20.0 Beta shipped with a new tile map editor built in. This is great for quickly creating maps that would otherwise take too long to position manually or are simple enough they don't require a programmatic solution. 1 min

Designing Between Points

As we design, we mark well traveled paths so we can quickly and efficiently find our way back. The points we set can create design spaces that are constraining or freeing, depending on where they're placed. 5 min

Helpful Articles on React.js

A small list of helpful articles on React.js. Changes to React.js itself, tooling, and new javascript ES6 features have led to scattered documentation. 1 min

On Prototyping Tools

A quick look at what prototyping tools are for. 1 min

Typographics NYC, Typelab & Interpolation

I had the opportunity to attend the Typographics Conference and Typelab in NYC 3 min

Live Font Interpolation on the Web

An A List Apart article on the opportunities of responsive typography 1 min

Aetherpoint Redesign redesign 1 min

Web Scraping with Casper.js

A code snippet for scraping with Casper.js. 3 min

Natural OSX Glitches

A collection of OSX glitches 1 min

A List of Music Inspirations

A list of music artists that keep me inspired 1 min


A collection of GLSL resources that have been helpful to me 1 min

7th Gear Animation

A quick little animation piece of a car 1 min

Input Output

A reminder to step away from the computer sometimes. 1 min

An Independent Study on User Modeling

Stoked to learn from my independent study on user modeling 1 min

Speaking with a girl who was blind

As a visual designer, speaking to a girl with blindness and her guardian was pretty sobering 1 min

On Learning

Learning is hard work and passion required to overcome biases towards unfamiliar things. 1 min

Do What You Love

Just a note to self to do what's important. 1 min

Web Responsibility and User Experience Design

We exert a huge amount of time and resources to tailor experiences towards users. We try to understand and empathize with them, but fail to simply make things work for entire groups of people 2 min

A Note On Content Planning

Keeping your personal site current and tuned up takes a lot of time. Even for small blogs, anticipating content growth early can be worth it 1 min

Designer or Producer

One of the powers visual designers have is the ability to comment on and draw from culture. If we're just using design principles to enforce basic hierarchy or style UI elements are we designers or producers? 1 min

On Shifting Interfaces

People and their contexts evolve. Ideally, interfaces should do the same across longer periods of time to cater to the user's mental processes 2 min

Why This Site Is Not Flat

Flat UI is a natural progression from skeumorphism for the digital medium, but can only be boiled down so far 1 min

Design Aesthetics vs. Development

Yes, design is much more than how something looks, it's how it works. Regardless, the honing of design aesthetics and development skills simultaneously still fight for attention 2 min

Personal Site == Infinite Sandbox

Some passive todos for the site (not that it will ever be 100% done). 1 min

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I was first introduced to design by experimenting with animated gifs for signatures on forums. Since then i've learned a few things. This is just a quick shout out to everyone who i've learned a great deal from 1 min